Located in the northwest of Montenegro. Authentic look, unspoiled nature, numerous glacial lakes, several rivers and wealth of flora and fauna have created conditions that this area becomes National Park.

Since 1952 the area on the UNESCO World Natural and Cultural Heritage since 1980. It includes the massif of Durmitor mountains, canyons, rivers Tara, Draga, Susica and highest part of the canyons Komarnica, from which rise the numerous mountain peaks, of which 48 of them with more than 2,000 m above sea level. The highest peak is 2,525 meters above sea level Bobotov kuk. Durmitor adorn the 18 glacial lakes called ” mountain eyes “. Tara River Canyon, which is the height of 1,600 m above the river, is the largest in Europe and includes 1,500 species of plants and 130 species of birds. The canyon was named for World Ecological Reserve.

Durmitor is represented by the diversity of flora and fauna, with numerous endemic and relict species. The fauna is mostly mountainous and visoskoplaninskog type. Of the roughly 1,325 species of plants, 122 are endemic, 150 medicinal, while mushroom them 40 species of edible. There are numerous sites of cultural heritage: the necropolis, Greek and Roman cemeteries, churches and monasteries , tombstones, as well as traditional architecture ( pastures, savardaci, mills).

Tara Canyon, as a unique phenomenon in its depth of 1,000 and 1,300 m and in places, ranks just behind the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River in the United States. There flux of 150 km and the longest river in Montenegro. On the part of the flow through the National Park Durmitor, Tara river has an average decline of 3.6 m / km , and forming cascades and rapids that are their beauty complement the ambience of unspoiled nature.

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